My Mid-Side Stereo Setups

M/S Sennheiser MKH-40/MKH-30

MKH-40 mounted directly in a Sennheiser MZS 20-1 suspension using Rycote clips, MKH-30 mounted on second set of Rycote double clips to MKH-40. Cloth covered cable made from sheath of hiking boot laces and core cables out of Canure 2 line star quad snake. Neutric connectors. Add a Sennheiser MZW 20-1 basket windshield (zeppelin). Note the cam locks on suspension lock the windshield on, end cap screws on. This is a windshield made for a single mono mic, but does clear the combo with a little room to spare. This windshield is much more sturdy than Rycote's.

M/S Sennheiser MKH-60/MKH-30

Using a MZS 20-1 suspension and a MZW 60-1 basket windshield (zeppelin) with a MKH-60 and MKH-30. Arrangements same as MS MKH-40/30. Again, this is a setup for a mono mic, keeping the diameter small.

Add a Sennheiser hairy cover (MZH 70-1 with 5 1/2" removed and resewn) to the MKH-60/30 in it's zeppelin and you are ready for a fair amount of wind.

M/S Sennheiser MKH-80/MKH-80

Two MKH-80's mounted in a Rycote MS suspension. The zeppelin is 6" in diameter! A rycote hairy cover slips over the zeppelin for more wind protection. Note that pickup is out the side, not the end.

Some sound samples

October 10, 2005 -